News 13 Apr 2010

General: Soft start to the year for motorcycle sales figures

Official figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) show that 23,211 motorcycles, scooters and all-terrain vehicles were sold in the first quarter of this year – a decrease of 12.2 per cent (3,215 units) over the same period in 2009.

“This has been a slow start to the 2010 sales year with a uniform decline across all categories,” FCAI Chief Executive Andrew McKellar said. “We have yet to see any turnaround in the marketplace since sales softened some 18 months ago.

“Despite the overall softness of the market there have been some brands, particularly some premium ones, that have shown improved performance. It’s hoped the next quarter will provide some renewed growth,” McKellar concluded.

Road bikes were the most popular segment in the marketplace with 9,692 sales – down 10.6 percent. There were 7,419 Off-Road motorcycles sold – down 14.5 per cent. There were 3,363 ATV sales in the first three months of 2010 – down 11.7 per cent and Scooter sales fell 11.7 per cent to record 2,737 units.

Yamaha claimed the top position with 4,604 sales, followed by Honda with 4,021 and then Suzuki with 3,074 sales.

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