News 31 Mar 2010

General: Honda Dollars and deals galore announced today

Honda has an unbeatable double deal available on their CRF250X and CRF450X motorcycles including a free CRF Racing Enduro Pack (valued at $550), as well as a $500 Honda Dollar bonus offer.

Comprising CRF Racing Radiator Guards, Case Saver and Bash Plate, the enduro pack is a must for anyone who appreciates having the ultimate Honda accessories for their bike.

The $500 Honda Dollars can be used in the Dealership at the time of the transaction on a wide variety of items such as helmet, gloves and jacket, for servicing or as a credit toward the bike purchased.

With its dynamic power, slim form and rugged, long-travel suspension for light, neutral handling and performance, the CRF450X is the perfect machine for all conditions, whether it be in the white heat of competition or for a friendly weekend away with mates.

The CRF450X is augmented by the Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD), which eases control and smoothes handling in cornering and rugged terrain, whilst offering the effortless ease of push-button electric starting.

Weighing in at just 122kg, the current model features a rear white fender and reinforced rear fender extension, updated front shroud decals and a new engine stop incorporated into the blinker and headlight switch block.

The CRF250X offers many of the features of the larger version, and is also powered by a liquid-cooled, electric start four-valve, four-stroke engine designed to produce power across a wide rpm band.

Features unique to the CRF250X include TAG T2 Fat bars with Honda branded bar pad, TAG grips, front headlight shroud and Barkbuster hand guards.

The enduro offer is available at all Honda Dealers nationwide, and is valid from April 1 to June 30, 2010 on all year models.

Honda is also making it more affordable than ever for mum and dad to finally buy that minibike for the kids.

Models in the fun bike range including the CRF50, CRF70F, CRF80F, CRF100F and CRF150F all now come with a $500 Honda Dollars bonus.

The $500 Honda Dollars that can be used in the Dealership at the time of the transaction on a wide variety of accessories, servicing or as a credit toward the motorcycle purchased.

All CRF fun bikes feature quiet, powerful and quick-starting 4-stroke engines combined with long-legged front and rear suspensions to deliver just the right combination of lively performance and easy handling for long days of off road riding fun.

CRF mini bikes also features chrome, steel-spoked wheels combined with Honda Racing styling and graphics reminiscent of the bigger CRFs so riders can enjoy all the benefits of riding a smaller version of those bikes seen in current competition.

Honda Dollars are available on each model from now until 1 April to 30 June 2010.

Additionally, Honda’s CRF-R range of motocross machines now come with a hard to resist bonus, making it a great time to go racing.

Between April 1 and June 30, 2010, customers will receive $750 Honda Dollars with purchase of a new CRF450R and $500 Honda Dollars with a new CRF250R, but it gets even better.

For the younger competitors, Honda is also offering $350 Honda Dollars on the CRF150R and CRF150RB. (Offer is valid on all year models.)

Customers can then spend their Honda Dollars in a variety of ways within the dealership where they made the purchase such as toward accessories, servicing or simply as a discount off the bike.

CRF-R range motorcycles are a dominating presence in Supercross, motocross, desert, endurance, flat-track and Supermoto where they continue to bring even the toughest competition to their knees.

For 2010, the CRF450R offers small but effective changes to the engine and suspension systems to achieve even better balance and control including new ECU programming and FI settings to improve off-on throttle response.

The CRF450R also features a new engine auto decompressor system that enables easier kick starting, as well as a new front fork oil seal, oil quantity and valving, each of which contribute to overall improved feel

Boasting an all-new, more powerful, more compact engine with Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) combined with an all-new Twin Spar Aluminium Frame featuring the Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD), the 2010 CRF250R continues Honda’s long-standing position of class dominance.

The CRF150R/RB’s lightweight, compact, internal auto decompression and handlebar-mounted hot-start system provides easy starting in hot or cold conditions, whilst the forged slipper piston and rings are lighter than a conventional design.

These little winners also feature an HRC works-type rear-brake system and an adjustable front-brake lever and master-cylinder assembly.

Plus, if you’re looking for a cost effective mode of transport, now is the time to jump on board an entry level Honda.

The majority of Honda’s huge range of entry level LAMS bikes and scooters now come with a whopping $500 Honda Dollars.

Whether it’s the convenience of the highly popular Lead 100, the eye-catching chrome finish of the new VT400 cruiser, or the naked grunt and performance of the CB400, people from all walks of life make their choice of ride because…it’s a Honda.

Between now and 2010, customers will receive $500 Honda Dollars with purchase of a VTR250, CB400 (standard or ABS version) or VT400; as well as on the full range of scooters including the Today 50, Lead 100, SH150i, SH300i, Scoopy, Forza 250 and SilverWing. The offer is valid on all year models.

With Honda Dollars, customers can spend their credit in a variety of ways within the dealership toward accessories, servicing or as a discount off the bike.

The motorcycles included in this promotion with a capacity over 250cc can be ridden by anyone who has gained their Learner Permit in those states that have a LAMS program in place.