News 27 Mar 2010

General: KTM unveils electric-powered models at Tokyo Show

KTM unveiled this off-road Freeride model in Tokyo this week.

KTM unveiled this off-road Freeride model in Tokyo this week.

Austrian manufacturer KTM has unveiled two versions of an electrically-driven sport motorcycle for the first time, both a sports-oriented off-road machine and a dynamic on-road bike are on display at the Tokyo Motorcycle show, named the KTM Freeride.

One and a half years after its commitment to developing an electrically-driven bike, KTM is now determinedly on the way towards the production of a series-ready zero emission motorcycle.

Under the label Freeride, KTM is simultaneously presenting two series-ready versions of the electrically-driven motorcycle that truly express the sporting spirit of the brand, bikes that transport the company motto “Ready to Race” right into the 21st century.

The KTM zero emission motorcycles are being shown at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show on 26-28 March.

The foundation stone for this development is KTM’s clear commitment to offroad motorcycle sport and it’s intention to further offensively expand the strongest pillar of the company business – and with a unique product for which there is, to date, no real comparison.

Thanks to the positive conditions to the design concept (no noise pollution and zero emission) this revolutionary development opens up perspectives for completely new applications.

The Freeride creations carry the promise of an acceptable return for the use of motorcycle sporting activities, also in urban areas.

Hubert Trunkenpolz, head of sales at KTM Sportmotorcyle AG, commented on the philosophy and focus of the revolutionary motorcycles at the press conference at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

“The KTM Freeride project is extremely important for the brand KTM,” he said. “As the world’s leading manufacturer of off-road sports motorcycles, it is part of our responsibility to do everything possible to ensure the ongoing vitality of offroad sport.

“One consequence for us is to realize a new drive solution via a pure electric motor. This means that we, as an extremely sports-oriented brand, can stay true to our “Ready to Race” philosophy.

“We would like to prove our competitive power, not only with the technology but also with the prices we offer. We can already say that the first Freeride motorcycle from KTM will be under €10,000 ($AUD15,000) – which is on a similar level with an Enduro motorcycle with a combustion engine currently being deployed in the world championship. ”

Also from a technical standpoint, the first Freeride motorcycle is revolutionary from a drive perspective, explained Harald Plöckinger, COO and board member of KTM Sportmotorcycle AG.

“It is not only that the performance capability of the 100kg light machine is comparable to that of a 125cc two-stroke machine with a combustion engine,” he said.

“It is also factors like abrasion resistance, dirt and water resistance, life span, handling and above all safety that have been solved in an impressive way for the maximum 22kW strong motor. This is thanks to the battery drive unit, which has been patented worldwide by KTM.

“The Freeride project motorcycle also profits from the competence and experience of all of KTM’s past activities in motorcycle racing. This and the high quality components, which to a large extent have been developed and produced in Mattighofen, characterize how determinedly we are introducing the KTM zero emission products that exceed the demands of the sport’s strict regulations.”

The series production of the new KTM Freeride sports Enduro is expected to begin in the coming year.

On the other hand, the Supermoto-oriented Freeride variant shall, from today’s perspective, serve to illustrate other future applications for KTM’s zero emission concept.

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