News 24 Mar 2010

FMX: Sinclair to make history at MCG, return to X-Fighters

Victorian Freestyle Motocross hero Cam Sinclair will launch his miraculous return to extreme sports this Saturday by making history in Melbourne’s iconic MCG.

Sinclair, who was critically injured whilst competing in Madrid over in Spain last July, will attempt to be the first person ever to ride a motorcycle on the hallowed turf of Melbourne’s landmark sporting arena. Sinclair will perform as part of the Melbourne Football Club’s ‘Youth Round,’ the first of the official AFL season.

The theme for this weekends Youth Round is called ‘Dare to Dream’, with children and youths of all ages encouraged to attend the game. Over 200 are expected to gather on the ground pre match to send a message to the world to dream big and reach for the stars.

Sinclair fits the bill perfectly as the rounds’ pre match entertainment. His boyhood dream of riding motorcycles professionally and doing so in Melbourne’s biggest sporting arena the MCG is only days away from becoming a reality and under the most incredible circumstances.

Only days after making history by becoming the first person ever to land a motorcycle double back-flip during a competition run, Sinclair suffered a sickening crash while attempting the same feat in Spain last July. Sinclair approached the jump only slightly too slowly and under-rotated badly – he suffered multiple serious injuries and very nearly lost his life due to massive internal bleeding and head trauma.

Now, only eight months later, Sinclair is ready to perform again and doing so in his home town will make this the ride of his life to date.

“I am just so excited to get out there and ride again. I’ve been working towards this moment since I was released from hospital in Spain; spending nearly every day in Rehab and at the gym trying to get my body right,” Sinclair said.

“The opportunity to realise my dream and be the first person ever to ride on the MCG is such a privilege; I will be giving my all to put on a show for every single person there. I want to show them that it is possible to achieve anything in life – you just have to work hard and give it everything you’ve got.”

It’s also been revealed that Sinclair will make his return to the Red Bull X-Fighters competition in Mexico next month on 16 April, joining the best riders in the world in his return to competition. Sinclair will be joined by fellow Aussies Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams and Robbie Maddison at the anticipated event.

For more information on Cam Sinclair visit his website