News 22 Mar 2010

MotoGP: McCoy and FB Corse entry not yet confirmed

McCoy and FB Corse will have to test again before round three at Jerez.

McCoy and FB Corse will have to test again before round three at Jerez.

Australian Garry McCoy will have to undergo a second timing test if he and his brand new FB Corse team will gain an entry into the 2010 MotoGP World Championship.

McCoy took part in a test under the watchful eyes and stopwatches of Dorna and IRTA representatives at Valencia in Spain last week, reportedly lapping around the 1:40 mark when it was required the team produce times in the 1:35 range – around three seconds from official race pace.

In an embarrassing turn of events, the FB Corse team announced that it had its entry confirmed following the test, only to release a second statement the following day stating that its entry wasn’t yet confirmed after consultation with Dorna.

A statement from the team said: “The FB Corse Team would like to clarify after talking to Dorna delegates that the team FB Corse is not yet inside the MotoGP entry list following the decision, made by the team together with Franco Uncini and Oscar Gallardo, of continuing to develop the FB01 until the Jerez race, in order to be more competitive in the world championship.”

The team revealed that it’s now abandoned plans of contesting the opening round in Qatar, instead focusing on making the first European event of the series at Jerez in Spain at the beginning of May.

Beforehand, McCoy and the team will have to test ahead of the series regulators once again, this time competing a race distance test on the three-cylinder FB01 despite its lack of MotoGP-spec electronics.

Despite the disappointing lap times, McCoy remains upbeat regarding the project’s future.

“What we achieved today for me was remarkable because from where we started from the first day to achieve so many laps today, I really did not expect that at all,” he explained. “I was really wanting to go to Qatar and Japan but I think that our decision is very wise as we have to concentrate on the development of the bike in order to improve and be competitive from the first race.”

McCoy is scheduled to test again before the Jerez race in order to gain final permission to contest the event.