News 18 Mar 2010

FMX: Blake 'Bilko' Williams third in Costa Rican X-Knights

Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams placed third at the weekend’s X-Knights event in San Jose, Costa Rica in the first competitive outing since his 2009 X Games triumph.

Back on the bike for just a month, the event kicked off a busy schedule for the Victorian in the coming weeks.

Riding a borrowed bike, he advanced through the initial stages before lining up for his final run where he discovered a bolt had come loose in the front of his seat.

The technical hitch limited the tricks he could perform and he was forced to consolidate and finish third with a score of 91.5. The event was won by Dany Torres with Eigo Sato finishing runner-up.

“I had a great time there and would love to do all of the X-Knights events if my schedule lets me,” said Williams. “I was on a borrowed bike and a bolt at the front of the seat came undone and the seat started flapping in the final run which meant my trick selection was dramatically reduced.

“Playing on my mind also was the fact that this is where my very good friend Jeremy Lusk died last year, but I kept going and did a couple more tricks and a 360 to round it out.

“All in all it was really good preparation for my next competition which is the opening round of X-Fighters in Mexico on April 16.”

Bilko returned to Australia this week to prepare himself for his next international challenge which will be followed by the highly-anticipated Nitro Circus Live evets.

Intermingled are the remaining events on the X Fighters tour which visit venues in Egypt, Moscow, Madrid, London and Rome.

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