News 5 Mar 2010

Oz MX: MA clarifies NSW ruling on 15-year-olds at Nationals

Motorcycling Australia has clarified a media release that was sent out yesterday by Williams Event Management (WEM) regarding the Under 19 Class at the 2010 Australian Motocross Championship.

Due to current state legislation in NSW, 15-year-old riders are unable to participate in ‘senior competition’ at any events which fall under NSW State Legislation jurisdiction (an exemption to legislation is available for Road Racing) .

Therefore, as per GCR c), current state legislation dictates that (WEM) cannot accept 15 year old riders as series entries for the Under 19 class.

Further to this, Motorcycling New South Wales (MNSW) will not restrict 15 year old riders with a MNSW issued competition licence competing in this class in other states.

In order to do so, riders must satisfy the prescribed competency requirements to their SCB. MA will provide to MNSW the criteria to fulfil the prescribed competency requirements so that MNSW will be able to endorse riders as per the General Competition Rules.

“Motorcycling NSW Limited has requested a rationale and reasonable justification from Motorcycling Australia in relation to the introduction of this rule into the 2010 Manual of Motorcycle Sport,” explained MNSW general manager Daniel Gatt.

“Once received, the MNSW Directors will work with WEM, NSW Department of Sport and Recreation and MA to determine if a proposal can be formulated with MNSW support to seek to get the State Legislation altered for the future.

“The MNSW Board does not have the authority to overrule State legislation, irrespective of any other considerations, personal or otherwise, we follow the law.”

It should also be noted that owing to the current legislation, junior riders licensed in other states are unable to compete in senior competition within NSW as the restriction is a condition of the track licence rather than a restriction upon the competitor.