News 17 Feb 2010

WSBK: Superbike star Pitt takes to the air in Jet Fighter

Pitt gets set for his jet fighter experience.

Pitt gets set for his jet fighter experience.

Australian dual World Supersport Champion Andrew Pitt might spend his working life riding Supersport, Superbike and MotoGP bikes, but it is his ideas of relaxing that really prove how addicted to speed and power he is.

If the 33-year-old is not out training on his Specialized bicycle, on which he recently rode in a 160km stage of the Tour Down Under, he’s either riding his BMW enduro bike or S 1000 RR road bike at a local track day or twisty road.

But when none of that is enough, the self confessed adrenaline junky is looking for other thrills – this time in the form of a ride in a BAC 167 1000km/h Strikemaster MK88 Jet Fighter.

Pitt, originally from Port Macquarie on the NSW Australia North Coast, was treated to the thrills of 30,000ft rolls and huge G-forces in the Viper engined British built ex NZ Airforce jet by local Port Macquarie businessman and celebrated pilot, Rodney Hall – who also happens to be a huge Andrew Pitt fan and a new BMW customer – recently ordering an S 1000 RR after hearing about the bike from Andrew himself.

“The flight was an absolute thrill and I’d love to do it again,” Pitt said. “I seem to spend half of my life in airplanes but there was not much time to work on the Blackberry or watch movies in this machine – the G-forces are incredible and the speed sensational. Definitely the next best thing to a Superbike or MotoGP bike!”

Andrew is keen to get back up in the air again but with the pressures of a fresh season about to kick off the dual World Champ was just glad to be back on the ground and in one piece after such a thrilling experience.