News 12 Feb 2010

ASBK: Ducati Motologic debuts Burgess and new colours

Jamie Stauffer debuted Ducati Motologic's 2010 paint scheme alongside rookie teammate Jordan Burgess this week.

Jamie Stauffer debuted Ducati Motologic's 2010 paint scheme alongside rookie teammate Jordan Burgess this week.

Ducati Motologic Race Team rookie Jordan Burgess made his debut on the factory-supported 1198 R Superbike at Phillip Island on Monday, the team continuing its test schedule with double Australian Superbike and Supersport Champion Jamie Stauffer and Burgess at a public ride day this week.

The team attended the second test with both riders for the first time, the team utilising parts that recently arrived from Italy, while the team also debuted its bright livery that will be worn during the 2010 Viking Australian Superbike Championship.

“I really didn’t know what to expect from the 1198 R when I saw it at the Motologic workshop, but once I sat on it and tucked my chin down in race position I felt very comfortable,” Burgess explained. “First impressions on track were just as good, the bike’s power delivery was very different to what I was used to and the amount of torque the bike produces in stock form is phenomenal – I was instantly impressed.

“Driving out of Turn 12 onto the straight at pace with the Termignoni full system singing for the first time was something to experience that’s for sure. Handling-wise I was impressed even with the stock suspension and original tyres. The 1198’s ability to change direction through faster corners is marvelous and makes riding the faster parts of the tracks so much fun.”

Taking to the track for the second time after topping the time sheets at the official ASBK test on debut last month, Stauffer continued his impressive form with yet another best lap of 1:35.1.

“Although it was only a one day test, we achieved a lot – it was terrific to get back out there and try some new settings,” said Stauffer. “My lap times were just as good as the previous test which shows we are moving forward as everyone was struggling with grip, including us.

“To be able to match the initial test lap times when the grip wasn’t there shows that the modifications to the set-up that have been done between tests have improved the 1198 R’s overall performance. As more parts arrive and modifications are made, I feel confident that we will be very competitive at the first round at Phillip Island at the end of the month.”

Team owner and manager Paul Free highlighted some of the development work that has been put into the Italian machine since the initial test outing.

“We are learning a lot very rapidly from the information gained from the bikes. We received an up-spec fork kit for the Ohlins forks which we tested and it worked really well,” Free revealed. “Additionally, we have received a 70mm Termignoni exhaust which was on both Jordan’s and Jamie’s bikes and greatly improved the spread of power and outright performance. We have another ride day at Phillip Island next week and we are looking forward to testing more components at that test.”

The 2010 ASBK series will commence alongside the World Superbike season opener at Phillip Island on 26-28 February.