News 8 Feb 2010

MotoGP: Podium celebrations to continue in cava showers

Dorna Sports has announced Freixenet as “cava” (champagne) supplier for the MotoGP World Championship for the 2010 and 2011 seasons in a continuation of the partnership.

The iconic image of MotoGP stars celebrating their successes on the podium has seen Freixenet cava enjoyed by many race winners since its partnership with Dorna Sports started in 2003 and it will continue to provide memorable moments at all podium celebrations for the next two seasons.

Freixenet will also have a brand presence on trackside advertising, which will be shown on television around the world as MotoGP continues to be watched by millions of viewers.

“We at Dorna Sports are delighted that Freixenet will be the cava suppliers to MotoGP for another two seasons, and use the sport as a highly visible platform for its product,” Dorna Sports managing director Pau Serracanta said. “Cava is a very important feature of the victory celebrations of MotoGP stars and it’s difficult to imagine a podium celebration without that aspect! The next two years will see Freixenet provide many more memorable podium moments.”

Freixenet communications director Pere Bonet also commented on the relationship, happy to renew the agreement for a further two years.

“For Freixenet, being the Cava Supplier of MotoGP is one of the most interesting sponsor relationships in our event’s calendar, not only for the scale of the TV impact in many countries during the entire championship, but also for the PR activities that we can organize in each country where MotoGP is run,” explained Bonet. ”

“Freixenet is the world’s first quality sparkling wine producer and we distribute our Cava in more than 130 countries, especially Freixenet Cordon Negro, which is the Cava of MotoGP and whose target is young and modern people who appreciate good quality at a good price. For Freixenet, being together with Dorna for the next two seasons is a guarantee of success and satisfaction.”