News 27 Jan 2010

General: Dunlop launches Sportmax Q2 at Eastern Creek

Dunlop's new Q2 tyre was released at Eastern Creek today.

Dunlop's new Q2 tyre was released at Eastern Creek today.

Dunlop has launched the new Sportmax Q2 in Australia, a cutting edge tyre designed for the road using sophisticated racetrack technology.

The Sportmax Q2 features Dunlop’s race track developed Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) and MT Multi-TreadTM technology, making this a remarkably effective new street-going tyre.

“The Sportmax Q2 is a brand new ‘race-bred, road ready’ tyre, possessing steering characteristics unlike any other sport tyre,” said Ken Wieden, Dunlop motorcycle and motorsport manager.

“The incorporation of technology bred on the race track and refined specially for road use makes this a vastly superior tyre,” Wieden said. “The IRP technology provides phenomenal steering and handling characteristics, allowing the rider greater latitude in line choice while cornering and provides amazingly linear steering no matter what shape, speed or camber the corner. Add Dunlop’s advanced Multi-Tread technology and you have a street tyre that incorporates the optimum ratio of race and sports compounds for the highest grip levels combined with superior tread wear.”

Wieden explained that the development of this tyre is a fantastic reflection of the huge strides Dunlop has taken in furthering design technology.

“The Sportmax Q2 is a result of Dunlop’s evolving tyre design philosophy,” he continued. “Dunlop is proud of its development of multi-compound tyres. The Sportmax Q2 showcases the complex construction that allows our tyres to work so seamlessly on the track and now on the street.”

The Sportmax Q2 also features further cutting edge Dunlop technology such as Jointless Band Construction that enables superb high speed handling and shock absorption, and Carcass Tension Control System technology, which means different tension levels on the tyre casing improve suspension capabilities and allow better rider feel.

The tyre profile also creates a larger contact patch for superior grip at extreme lean angles. attended the national launch for the tyre at Eastern Creek raceway today and will bring a comprehensive wrap of the tyre this Friday.

The Sportmax Q2 will be available in Australia in the following sizes: