News 25 Jan 2010

General: MA reveals new licencing structure for members

Motorcycling Australia (MA) and the State Controlling Bodies (SCBs) have advised members of a change in procedure to the way that licences are issued to their members from 20 January, 2010.

Previously, each type of MA licence had been issued separately, meaning that a member could hold multiple different licence cards with different licence numbers, such as an Official’s Licence, a Coach’s Licence and a Rider’s Licence requiring three separate cards.

MA and all SCB’s will be issuing one membership card per member, which will have the details of all licences and accreditations that the member holds.

Each member will be issued their own unique member number which can be used to identify them regardless of how they participate in an event.

Check out the details of the new licence structure at this link on MA’s website.