News 22 Jan 2010

ASBK: More changes for Superstock 1000 classes for 2010

Motorcycling Australia has announced late this afternoon that International Entertainment Group (IEG) has accepted input from riders and teams regarding championship classes for the 2010 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK), with the Superstock 1000 A- and B-grade classes now riding together alongside the Superbike class with points to be awarded separately.

Superstock 1000 C and D will make up one championship class and be scored together.

IEG director Yarrive Konsky said that he was pleased with the outcome following discussions with riders and MA.

“Motorcycling Australia and the Board were extremely cooperative when approached with several proposed changes,” Konsky said. “IEG believes that the B-, C- and D-grade Superstock 1000 class needed to be separated in an effort to provide everyone with a fair and reasonable opportunity when it comes to racing.

“To ask entry level racers to compete against B-grade racers is not fair and can be discouraging, especially when several of our top placed B-rade racers could compete and win against some of the A-grade racers. MA and the Board understood these reasons and have worked proficiently in an effort to progress the championship in the right direction.

“They put in a lot of effort to ensure the continual progression of the sport and this has shown a great level of understanding for the needs of the riders. Our overall aim is to provide classes which mutually benefit both the riders and the sport – we certainly do not want to discourage anyone from racing.”

While the B-grade Superstock 1000 racers will compete alongside the A-grade racers, their points will be scored separately.

The Superbikes and Superstock A and B will ride on the same tyres, and entry fees for the Superstock A and B, outside of the World Superbike round, will be the same as the Superstock C and D 1000cc entries.

The Supplementary Regulations for the first round of the ASBK Championship have also been updated and can be found at or