News 23 Sep 2009

General: Ducati Fine Arts collection announced in Australia


A jewel of exclusive rarity, the Ducati is more than a simple riding machine. With a master’s on the idea of good living, the world class brand has launched a new edition to their ultimate lifestyle series.  The Ducati Fine Arts collection is set to offer its enthusiasts the possibility to decorate their living and working spaces with the authentic Ducati touch.

Splashes of Red, White and even a tinge of green the Fine Art Prints Collection depict the true art of racing. With passion at the core of every Ducati development the new collection has combined the language of art and racing into a heritage time capsule.

Covering all ends of the Ducati spectrum the launch collection features three themes: The Bikes, Racing Art and Ducati Icons & Vintage. Each artwork focuses on the importance of the motorcycles, key inspiring moments and Ducati iconography.

Transform your passion on the road into your living space with Ducati Art. Collectors have the ability to choose the media in which the art with be printed according to their aesthetic taste and interior decoration styles.

Bringing you one step closer to the essence of true art and expertise, the Ducati Art range features exclusive designs from Mirko Phole, Di Chio, Andrea Mariani, and Gabriel Phillips. With a certificate of authenticity and a choice of selection within an exclusive limited edition range, live comfortably and bring your mood home with the Fine Art Print collection!

Visit to have a piece of art inside the house as well as in the garage.