News 7 Aug 2009

Oz RR: 6-Hour to mark new era of Australian Endurance racing


On November 22nd this year two iconic events will take place on the outskirts of Sydney… the much anticipated return of Endurance racing to Australian motorcycle sport and the final event at an historic landmark, Oran Park Raceway. The venue has been lost to the urban sprawl and ever present property developers. The last race on Sunday November 22nd will be a somber day for Australian and International motorsport. After 47 years of hosting an enormous variety of motorsport disciplines, showcasing epic battles from beginners to elite international superstars, the final curtain will fall on Sydney’s original and favourite motoring circuit.

Just before the gates close at the Narellan circuit… James Spence will orchestrate the inaugural Bel-Ray 6 Hour Endurance race. The event will mark the beginning of a new era of long distance motorcycle road racing in Australia. James is the mastermind behind the ‘comeback’ and along with his company Circuit Breakers, bold plans are in place to create a series of Endurance races in 2010 aiming at Australian Championship status.

There was little doubt who to put at the front of the Bel-Ray 6 Hour Endurance race, Australia’s own double World Endurance Champion Warwick Nowland. Warwick along with his management company, Team Warwick Nowland will join forces with Circuit Breakers to promote and assist in the lead up to the event. TWN press manager Karen Burgess is delighted to be involved in bringing the event to the spectators.


“We are more than happy to be a part of the biggest Endurance race Australia has seen in many years. The Bel-Ray 6 Hour is a good opportunity for so many people and a wonderful finale to the motorcycle racing season in Australia”.

Circuit Breakers and TWN met at Oran Park recently to make an agreement and discuss plans. As James explains, it’s just the beginning.


“There have been many attempts at creating great motorcycle racing in Australia but bringing back this iconic event is like transforming racing to the wonder years of Gardner, Doohan, Magee, Dowson, Phillis, Heyes etc. The 6 Hour team are looking forward to 2010 and expanding on this year’s event”.

Event sponsor Bel-Ray are also very excited about getting prominently involved in a motorsport event in Australia and with a large investment taking place, including AUD$10,000 for the winner, the commitment is intent on success.

Already the Bel-Ray 6 Hour race has attracted big names from overseas as well as legends from the past. The man who will start the race is none other than former Yamaha and Suzuki 500 Grand Prix star and Foxtel MotoGP commentator Kevin Magee.

The interesting, and welcoming aspect about the Bel-Ray 6 Hour Endurance race is the motorcycles will be exactly the same as what you buy from the dealers showroom. Of course the lights and blinkers will be removed, a few adjustments to the suspension and the race is on to see who and what motorcycle really is the king! Warwick knows all too well what it takes to be king of Endurance racing and can’t wait to show just how dynamic this type of racing is.


“This is a great opportunity for Australia. Endurance racing should be far bigger than what it is and I hope this event will highlight the excitement and drama that unfolds during these types of races”. Look at MotoGP and SBK this year when the riders have to make pit stops to change bikes. It’s a bit chaotic and dangerous the way it’s done in those classes but it adds excitement. The V8 Supercars have a great format with their pit stops and Endurance motorcycle races can be as exciting if not more. I’m really happy to be involved in the Bel-Ray 6 Hour race and of course the final race at Oran Park”.

The two times World Champion won the last event of this kind in Australia, a 6 hour race held at Eastern Creek in 2000 where Warwick teamed with Jamie Stauffer and Mark Willis to take victory in the event.

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