News 5 Aug 2009

ASBK: MA comments on betting at motorcycle sport events


Motorcycling Australia (MA) would like to comment on a press release recently distributed regarding the opportunity to place bets on the 2009 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK).

MA would like to draw particular attention to General Competition Rule (GCR) 4.2.10 Betting at Meetings.

Under this GCR it states:

“No person involved in the conduct of any meeting may conduct any bet or wager at a competition in respect of that meeting.”

Anyone found to be in breach of this rule may face disciplinary action.

More, from MA:

At present MA’s interpretation of GCR 4.2.10 is that anyone involved in the race meeting (officials, competitors, teams, promoters, sponsors, venues etc) cannot bet on that meeting whether they are ‘at’ the venue or not.