News 30 Jul 2009

WSBK: Xaus undergoes successful surgery for broken leg


Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport rider Ruben Xaus underwent a successful operation on his right femur at the Centro Medico Teknon hospital in Barcelona yesterday and is already looking forward to starting his physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The operation was carried out by surgeons Dr Miquel Llobet and Dr Miguel Sales and involved the insertion of three screws into the femur and went as smoothly as possible. Ruben was discharged from hospital today and will begin his physiotherapy this week at a sports clinic and rehabilitation centre not far from Playa de Aro, north of Barcelona.

Everything has worked so efficiently. I arrived at the hospital yesterday morning and the doctors were already waiting for me. The operation went very well and I had three screws put into my femur and twenty-fours later they told me I could leave! I want to thank Miquel Llobet and Miguel Sales for doing a great job and all the medical team for looking after me so well.

I am going to stay in an apartment in Playa de Aro, near the beach, but also because it is very close to where I will be doing my physiotherapy and rehabilitation. At the moment I am on crutches, because I am not allowed to put any weight on my right leg, but I can sit down normally and get about OK. I can start swimming almost straightway and physiotherapy very soon. I am in no pain and I am really looking forward to getting fit and back on my bike again.

At Brno, our bike was working so well and it was easy to ride, so it was a big shame I crashed. I think the reason I hurt myself was because the gravel had not been raked over and the recent rain had made some of the ridges as hard as concrete. Hitting one of those was what did the damage, otherwise I would’ve just walked away from the crash without a problem.
It’s good that we have a bit of a break before the next race, but I’m already looking forward to being back at the track. I want to say thank you to the whole team for all their good wishes and tell them to have a good holiday and then get my bikes ready for my return.


It’s good to hear that Ruben’s operation went well, and that he’s in such good spirits. Fortunately we’ve got a bit of a break before the next race so he’ll have time to start his physio without any pressure. I don’t know when he’ll come back, but I’m sure it will be as quickly as he can. In the meantime the garage will be a much quieter place, but I’m sure it will not be long before the team hear from him. All the best, Ruben.