News 17 Jun 2009

Oz MX: Yamaha's round winners to tackle sand in the West

Yamaha Racing:

CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Cheyne Boyd and the GYTR Yamaha Development Team’s Ross Beaton are teaming up on a challenging sand track today in preparation for the upcoming sixth round of the Australian Motocross Championship at Wanneroo in Western Australia.

The AJS Motocross club features a sand surface, providing a stark contrast to the majority of national championship rounds on the East Coast.

The Pro Open and Under 19s Murray Bridge round winners will work together on setup and technique, with renowned sand specialist Boyd taking time out to offer Beaton his own tips for success.

The duo will join fellow factory YZ450F and YZ250F riders in the West later this week before contesting round six of the series on Sunday.

Yamaha Racing Pro Open

CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Cheyne Boyd is brimming with confidence as he looks towards this weekend’s sandy showdown at the AJS Motocross Club in Wanneroo.

The Victorian has emerged as the form rider in the Pro Open class, winning the last two rounds aboard the potent YZ450F.

Placed second in the championship, Boyd is eyeing another top result after spending much of the week training on his own sand-based track with fellow factory rider, the GYTR Yamaha Development Team’s Ross Beaton.

“I’m feeling on top of the world – I feel good, everything came together again on the weekend,” said Boyd. “I felt good in practice and carried it through to each moto – it was identical to what happened in Mackay only I did it a lot easier and was a lot faster.

“It was also a lot easier when I was four seconds faster a lap. I kept looking my pit board and I knew I was pulling away from the riders behind and just focused on getting the best race result possible.”

“I’m from the sand, my local track is sandy so instead of going to Perth early I’ve spent a few days at home and I went to my local track with the team on Monday.

“Today I’m doing a fair bit of riding with Ross (Beaton), it’s always good to make the opportunity to share tips with a fellow Yamaha rider.

“I was running well last year at Perth before I ran out of fuel, I’m confident I can head there this weekend with the same speed and hold off the local riders.

“The YZ450F is fantastic in the sand, we’ve got it dialled in nicely.”

Boyd will be chasing teammate Jay Marmont who is maintaining a solid lead of the class on 281 points.

Pro Open Championship

1.  Jay Marmont – 281 points (YZ450F)
2.  Cheyne Boyd – 251 points (YZ450F)
3.  Andrew McFarlane – 242 points (YZ450F)
4.  Cody Mackie – 217 points
5.  Craig Anderson –  181 points
6.  Todd Waters – 167 points
7.  Cameron Taylor – 162 points
8.  Brent Landman – 149 points
9.  Michael Addison – 131 points
10.Beau Ralston – 92 points

Yamaha Racing Pro Lite

Serco Yamaha’s Mitch Hoad has gone to great lengths to prepare for this weekend’s sixth round of the Australian Motocross Championship in Wanneroo, basing himself in Western Australia for the past three weeks to get ready for the predominantly sandy surface at the AJS Motocross Club.

The YZ250F rider is looking forward to scoring a solid haul of points and making inroads on the top 5 championship contenders.

He said he would continue to get as much track time as possible in the leadup and was confident that his riding style had significantly improved.

“I’ve been over in Perth for the last three weeks as we’ve got a sand round coming up on Sunday, the idea was to get as much practice as possible for the conditions so I can get into a groove before we hit the track,” said Hoad.

“I definitely feel as though my sand riding has improved over the three weeks and I’m halfway through a good solid week this week which should also help.

The Pro Lite class will contest three 15-minute motos this weekend, and Hoad said starting well would be key to victory.

“I am a pretty good starter so this should help with the shorter races, it will give me an opportunity to get clear of the scrap for position that occurs at mid-pack and can really slow you down,” he continued.

“Lots of riders are used to putting together two motos and the change of format will likely shake up the podium a bit.

“I’m really confident in the YZ250F and my own ability to get the job done.”

Hoad is sixth in the championship on 139 points. Teammate Kirk Gibbs, who has featured on the round podium twice this season, sits fifth on 173.

Pro Lites Championship
1. Matt Moss – 240 points
2. Luke George – 220 points
3. Tye Simmonds – 208 points
4. Lawson Bopping – 176 points
5. Kirk Gibbs – 173 points (YZ250F)
6. Mitch Hoad – 139 points (YZ250F)
7. Lewis Stewart – 137 points
8. Adam Monea – 130 points
9. Lewis Woods – 120 points
10. Christopher Gosselaar – 105 points

Yamaha Racing Under 19s

Just a few days after claiming his first round win in the Under 19s championship, GYTR Development Team standout Ross Beaton has already switched his focus to the coming weekend and the challenge of racing upon the sandy track at the AJS Motocross Club in Wanneroo.

Beaton led home a clean sweep of the podium by the factory team at Murray Bridge, and is hopeful of recording back-to-back victories at round six on Sunday.

He will spend the day riding with good friend and Pro Open frontrunner, CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Cheyne Boyd, at a sand-laden practice track in Victoria.

“This weekend we will race on a sandy track, similar to the one that myself and Cheyne have been practicing on,” said Beaton.

“I’m feeling strong and fairly confident, Cheyne has been giving me some pointers on how to best ride on this surface and its really helping.

“He’s a specialist on the sand so its great to be able to catch up with him, I really appreciate his help.

“I know what I need to do to win so I’m putting my head down and going for it, I know Luke (Styke) and Harley (Quinlan) will be very evenly matched.”

Styke currently leads the Under 19s championship on 228 points, 20 clear of Josh Cachia in second place.

Quinlan is a point shy of Cachia, and Beaton is storming through the order in fifth on 190 points.

Under 19s Championship
1. Luke Styke – 228 points (YZ250F)
2. Josh Cachia – 208 points
3. Harley Quinlan – 207 points (YZ250F)
4. Luke Arbon – 203 points
5. Ross Beaton – 190 points (YZ250F)
6. Dylan Peterson – 161 points
7. Jason Reed – 126 points
8. Josh Kilvington – 119 points
9. Kieran Tisdale – 91 points
10. Beau Dargel – 80 points