News 14 Jun 2009

WSBK: Neukirchner on course for Brno WSBK return next month

Suzuki Racing:

Team Suzuki Alstare Brux rider Max Neukirchner is working hard at his rehabilitation programme and is on course to race in Brno on 26th July. Despite a small problem with his right ankle, which has necessitated a change in the rehabilitation plan, Max is keeping to schedule and is feeling very positive about his return to the track.  Currently Max is working at the ATR centre in Chemnitz, doing a lot of exercise on his upper body and his left leg and feels his upper body is now trained more then it has ever been!

Fortunately, Max has excellent support from his family and friends these days and they are keeping his spirits up and preventing him from getting depressed.

It’s not all rehab and gym though, for there is a good bar and restaurant across the road from the rehab centre and Max has become a regular, enjoying good steaks and the occasional cocktail. He has also gone to the Lausitzring to watch a DTM race and was scheduled to go to the “Rock in the Park” in Nurnberg, but bad weather ruined his plans.


I am working as hard as I can to get back to the track as soon as I can and my upper body is now getting very well toned – better than it has ever been. I get a bit frustrated sometimes because I want to do work on my right leg, but I know I have to patient and do it at the right time. It’s going to be a bit funny when all the plaster comes off because the right leg is going to look so puny compared to my left leg. Maybe I will overbalance!!! My family and friends have been a great support these past few weeks and also all my fans and I would like to say a big thank you for everybody’s good wishes. I will be coming to Misano, as a spectator, but it’ll be good to be back at the track and see my team and all the regulars again.