News 4 Jun 2009

ASBK: Mad Mike Jones continues form on Moriwaki MD250H

Motologic Racing PR:

It was another fantastic performance by Mike Jones over the weekend at Queensland Raceway. The double header, forming Rounds 3a and 3b of the Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Championship saw Jones impressing spectators yet again on his Motologic prepared Moriwaki MD 250 GP Mono.

Qualifying 5th on the grid amongst the 125cc bikes with a lap time of 1:20.421, Jones went on to place 7th outright in Race 1 on Saturday after what was a great scrap amongst the leading 125 GP bikes. Race 2 saw Jones come together with another bike and come off 2nd best, not finishing the race. However, he went on to qualify 5th on the grid later that day for Round 3b of the ASBK championship, determined to give the 125cc riders something to think about.

Taking on the power of the 125cc bikes Mike recorded the fastest lap in the 250 GP Mono class with a 1:19.649 on lap 8 of the first race on Sunday, racing across the finish line in 4th place outright, the first 250 GP Mono bike across the line. His strength in the field continued to shine through as he took out 5th place outright in the second race of the day, again being the first of the 250 GP Mono riders across the finish line. It appears that once the mild mannered Mike Jones throws his leg over his Moriwaki MD 250 GP Mono another side to his personality emerges as he vigorously challenges the power of the 125cc bikes.

Mike is now placed 2nd on the points tally in the 250 GP Mono class on 102 points behind Daniel Youl on 103. Mike is pleased with his results, but is looking forward to Eastern Creek; “After my DNF in Race 2 on Saturday I lost a few points so although I’m happy with my other races, I can’t wait to get to Eastern Creek to give the 125’s another run for their money and get some more points under my belt.”

Catch Mike Jones at Eastern Creek Raceway on August 7-9 for Round 4 of the Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike series.