News 31 May 2009

ASBK: YRT continues Supersport and Superstock dominance

Yamaha Racing PR:

The Yamaha Racing Team’s domination of the Supersport and Superstock 1000 classes has continued this weekend at Queensland Raceway, the site of rounds 3a and 3b of the Australian Superbike Championships (ASBK).

Supersport honours went to Jamie Stauffer after completion of Saturday’s round 3a, pipping teammate Bryan Staring by the point he scored for pole.

Staring turned the tables to win 2 from 2 today and increased his outright lead of the championship.

Superstock 1000 sensation, Pat Medcalf swept rounds 3a and 3b from start to finish, adding two pole positions and four race wins to his impressive 2009 campaign.

Superbike riders Jamie and Daniel Stauffer struggled to convert solid testing results to success on race day, still coming to grips with a vastly different racebike in the 2009 R1.

Yamaha Racing Team Superbike

The Yamaha Racing Team showed promise but ultimately fell short at this weekend’s rounds 3a and 3b of the Australian Superbike Championship held at Queensland Raceway in Ipswich.

Superbike duo Jamie and Daniel Stauffer entered the round with high hopes for their championships following a successful testing session spent further refining the new R1 race bikes.

Sharing the round wins here in 2008, the weekend looked set to see the team return to its podium potential.

The teammates had pace in practice, finishing fifth and sixth respectively and more importantly, less than four-tenths away from the merged sessions’ best time.

A second row start after Friday’s merged qualifying had both YRT riders within reach ahead of Saturday’s races.

A lightning start from Dan saw him quickly reel in the leaders before a massive high-side crash on lap five quickly ended his charge.

A visit to the circuit’s medical centre revealed, amongst other injuries, a fractured wrist and strained hip. Incredibly he returned to the track later in the afternoon but was hindered by pain throughout the rest of the meet.

“It was a promising weekend, we felt like we were on top of the bike and making really good gains in terms of developing the suspension,” said Stauffer.

“I was making good ground in Saturday’s opening race and feeling very confident on the package which we had established, it was such a shame to crash out and it was these injuries which prevented me from making anymore headway today.

“We can take away many positives from the weekend, the R1 has really come on strong, I was pulling off some big braking moves quite comfortably and felt that I had much more in reserve.

“The wet race today really scrambled things for us, I had to run with a dry setup as my spare bike had been badly damaged, and it was a bit of a handful.

“I’ll be doing everything I can to be fit and ready for the next round, we really are on the verge of big things and it would be a good reward for the team if we could pull of the results we are capable of at the next round.”

A 9th place in round 3a’s second race accompanied his earlier DNF; Daniel finished 7th and 8th in today’s (round 3b) two races.

It was an uncharacteristic weekend for brother Jamie, too.

A multiple round winner at Queensland Raceway in the past, he finished with a pair of seventh placings on Saturday and a pair of ninth placings on Sunday.

He now sits seventh in the championship standings, with Daniel slipping to ninth by virtue of his DNF in race 1 yesterday.

Cross-entered in the Supersport class, defending champion Jamie had twice as many races on his schedule to prepare for – 8 in total.

He had a stellar weekend aboard the dominant R6, taking pole position for round 3a and placing first and second across the races to take a deserved round win.

He took his second pole position for the weekend ahead of Sunday’s races and followed up with two second-place finishes for second overall.

Stauffer is currently second in the race for Supersport class honours on 121 points, 19 shy of YRT Supersport rider Bryan Staring.

Australian Superbike Championship Round 3a Results

1. Glenn ALLERTON (NSW), 50
2. Joshua WATERS (VIC), 41
3. Shawn GILES (VIC), 35
4. Wayne MAXWELL (VIC), 33
5. Robert BUGDEN (VIC), 33
6. Kevin CURTAIN (NSW), 31
7. Jamie STAUFFER (NSW), 28
8. Craig COXHELL (VIC), 26
9. Zac DAVIES (NSW), 22
10. Brayden CARR (NSW), 21
13. Daniel STAUFFER (QLD), 12

Australian Superbike Championship Round 3b Results

1. Glenn ALLERTON (NSW), 41
2. Joshua WATERS (VIC), 40
3. Wayne MAXWELL (VIC), 38
4. Kevin CURTAIN (NSW), 37
5. Shawn GILES (VIC), 33
6. Robert BUGDEN (VIC), 32
7. Craig COXHELL (VIC), 29
8. Daniel STAUFFER (QLD), 27
9. Jamie STAUFFER (NSW), 24
10. Ben HENRY (WA), 20

Australian Superbike Championship Points

1. Glenn ALLERTON (NSW), 134
2. Joshua WATERS (VIC), 124
3. Wayne MAXWELL (VIC), 110
4. Shawn GILES (VIC), 101
5. Robert BUGDEN (VIC), 89
6. Craig COXHELL (VIC), 86
7. Jamie STAUFFER (NSW), 80
8. Kevin CURTAIN (NSW), 77
9. Daniel STAUFFER (QLD), 72
10. Zac DAVIES (NSW), 54

Yamaha Racing Team Supersport

Yamaha’s factory Supersport team has continued its dominance of the Australian Supersport and Superstock 1000 championships at rounds 3a and 3b held at Ipswich’s Queensland Raceway.

Bryan Staring (Supersport, R6) and Pat Medcalf (Superstock 1000, R1) entered the weekend with respective championship leads, eyeing further success as the season nears its half-way point.

Disappointed with a third placing in qualifying, Staring was engaged in a battle for position with YRT Superbike rider Jamie Stauffer across the course of Saturday’s two races.

Staring’s 2-1 finish was only trumped by Stauffer’s pole position bonus point, and the young gun from the Gold Coast was determined to turn the results around today.

He did just that, starting from second on the grid to take two from two race wins and a perfect 50-point haul.

Staring now leads the championship on 140 points, 19 ahead of second place.

“It was a very close weekend between myself and Jamie, we were equal on pace and the battle for position was really intense,” said Staring.

“I came close to a round win on Saturday but he got over the line with the point for pole, which really motivated me ahead of Sunday’s races.

“I pushed extra hard and was really happy to come through with two race wins today, I knew I had to stay in front of Jamie from the start and was kept busy fending off his challenges.

“I knew he was close, he showed me a wheel here and there and it ended up going down to the last turn on the last lap.

“I’m really happy to take these wins today, it’s a big boost for my championship. I have to say a huge thanks to my team for working so hard to prepare my bike for the weekend.

“We’ve got another big break now and I’ll be working hard on my fitness to ensure I’m ready for the next round.”

Superstock 1000 campaigner and YRT teammate Pat Medcalf extended his perfect run of results this weekend.

Medcalf picked up where he left off in Tasmania, taking both pole positions and all available race wins on his Yamaha R1.

He has now recorded three from three round wins and is a clear leader of the 1000cc class on 153 points, 35 ahead of second place.

Australian Supersport Championship Round 3a Results

1. Jamie STAUFFER (NSW), 46
2. Bryan STARING (QLD), 45
3. Shannon JOHNSON (VIC), 35
4. Ben ATTARD (NSW), 34
5. Christan CASELLA (VIC), 31
6. Cameron KEEVERS (WA), 30
7. Jed METCHER (VIC), 24
8. Chris QUINN (NSW), 24
9. Anthony QUINN (NSW), 23
10. Cole ODENDAAL (QLD), 18

Australian Supersport Championship Round 3b Results

1. Bryan STARING (QLD), 50
2. Jamie STAUFFER (NSW), 41
3. Shannon JOHNSON (VIC), 34
4. Troy HERFOSS (VIC), 30
5. Jed METCHER (VIC), 29
6. Chris QUINN (NSW), 29
7. Cameron KEEVERS (WA), 29
8. Ben ATTARD (NSW), 27
9. Christan CASELLA (VIC), 25
10. Anthony QUINN (NSW), 22

Australian Supersport Championship Points

1. Bryan STARING (QLD), 140
2. Jamie STAUFFER (NSW), 121
3. Ben ATTARD (NSW), 96
4. Cameron KEEVERS (WA), 87
5. Christan CASELLA (VIC), 85
6. Troy HERFOSS (VIC), 78
7. Chris QUINN (NSW), 72
8. Shannon JOHNSON (VIC), 69
9. Jed METCHER (VIC), 64
10. Scott CHARLTON (VIC), 56

Superstock 1000 Championship Round 3a Results

1. Pat MEDCALF (NSW), 51
2. Beau BEATON (NSW), 40
3. Jordan BURGESS (NSW), 35
4. Tom ROCHE (NSW), 31
5. Sloan FROST (NZ), 30
6. Chris KNOX (NSW), 28
7. Damien MURPHY (ACT), 24
8. Ben SCOTT (VIC), 20
9. Matthew GRIFFIN (VIC), 18
10. Andrew IRWIN (ACT), 18

Superstock 1000 Championship Round 3b Results

1. Pat MEDCALF (NSW), 51
2. Jordan BURGESS (NSW), 38
3. Beau BEATON (NSW), 38
4. Jamie AITKEN (NSW), 31
5. Sloan FROST (NZ), 29
6. Matt THORNTON (NSW), 26
7. Des DARBY (QLD), 26
8. Chris KNOX (NSW), 26
9. Tom ROCHE (NSW), 25
10. Matthew GRIFFIN (VIC), 25

Superstock 1000 Championship Points

1. Pat MEDCALF (NSW), 153
2. Beau BEATON (NSW), 118
3. Jordan BURGESS (NSW), 109
4. Tom ROCHE (NSW), 86
5. Chris KNOX (NSW), 85
6. Jamie AITKEN (NSW), 81
7. Des DARBY (QLD), 70
8. Matthew GRIFFIN (VIC), 68
9. Sloan FROST (NZ), 59
10. Damien MURPHY (ACT), 57