News 31 May 2009

ASBK: Superstock 1000 Cup introduced to boost ASBK grid

A Superstock 1000 Cup series will be introduced for the remainder of the 2009 Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Championship in an aim to boost the Superbike grid.

The Superbike field featured just 15 qualifiers at this weekend’s Queensland Raceway round, shrinking to just 11 finishers in the opening race on Sunday following a number of non-finishes for riders in the field.

In a bid to strengthen the numbers on the Superbike grid, International Entertainment Group has teamed up with M9 and Procon to create a Superstock 1000 Cup, with separate prize money for the Superstock riders within the Superbike class up for grabs to feature as a great reason for the riders to take part in the premier ASBK races.

It’s expected that the Australian Superstock 1000 Championship that is currently run will have one race on Saturday afternoon and another on Sunday morning before the opening Superbike race of the weekend in order to enable those guys to focus on their Superstock national title before switching to Superbike for the afternoon on Sunday.

Although not finalised at this stage, it is believed that only the tope 10 contenders of the Superstock field will be eligible to do double duty, which would maintain the high level of riders in the Superbike field.

Tyres for the Superstock Cup class will be treaded and Superstock-spec as they currently are in the national championship, expected to be provided at a reduced rate in order for riders to have a new set of tyres for the Superbike races. will update with more details as they come to hand.