News 25 May 2009

ASBK: Motologic Honda aims to take charge in Queensland

Motologic Racing PR:

It has been many months since the last Superbike race was held in the Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Championship after Round 2 was halted in Tasmania. The passing of Judd Greedy at that event remains in all our minds and his family are in our thoughts as we move on in the 2009 season of racing.

The next event on the calendar is in fact a double header, the series being amended after most races from the Tasmanian round were scrapped and essentially Round 2 did not proceed. This brings us through to rounds 3A and 3B of the series and all eyes are on the weather at present as with less than one week until the team at Motologic head to Queensland, the area is being inundated with rain.

It remains to be seen what the condition of the track will be at Queensland Raceway for the 29th -30th May, but both defending Australian Champion, Glenn Allerton and his team mate and championship hopeful Wayne Maxwell are raring to get to it.

“Although we’ve been training hard all this time, it has been a few months now since we raced and I just want to get out on the track again and get the competition rolling on.” commented Allerton. “With the points tally as it stands, myself and Josh Waters equal top with 43 points and this being a double header, it is certainly keeping the series interesting! It is definitely time to go racing!”

Indeed, after the World Superbike event at Phillip Island Allerton was only 1 point behind Waters and although Round 2 at Symmons Plains was halted, the single point that Allerton obtained for Pole position in Qualifying still stands, putting them on equal footing going into Qld.

The other half of the Motologic Racing Superbike Duo, Wayne Maxwell is perhaps more determined than ever to get back onto his Honda CBR1000 RR after Symmons Plains.

“It’s true I had a rough start to the weekend in Tasmania with a crash in practice and I was fairly determined at that point to turn it around in the race, but since we didn’t get out on the track on Sunday when the event was halted, I guess I’m looking to this double header in Qld to get back out there and give Glenn and Josh a run for their money.”

Consequently, the level of excitement for the team at Motologic going into the double header is palpable. Motologic owner, Paul Free is completely aware of what is at stake going into this event.

“At this point in the competition, with Glenn on equal points with Josh Waters at the top of the tally and with Wayne not far behind, a double header gives us the opportunity to really take control of the championship,” Free said. “Since Round 2 in Tasmania the team has regrouped and we have a very solid plan going into Qld. With some revisions to the bikes’ set-up we are confident that both Glenn and Wayne will be strong on the track.”

With eyes on the skies, the team at Motologic Racing is heading to Qld in just days to prepare for what promises to be an extremely exciting event on May 30th and 31st; one they hope will be a strong turning point in the championship.