News 12 May 2009


Reece Bancell Scholarship press release:

Each year a rider who competes in the current ASBK Series is eligible to apply for this support package to assist them in contesting in the following year ASBK CHAMPIONSHIP.

The Scholarship program encourages and assists a rider with their development and future in motorcycle road racing. Selection is based on their professionalism and performance throughout the Application season, and is assessed on the following guidelines:

Professional attitude – behaviour and approach to racing and outside activities not necessarily associated with motorcycle sport.

Ability – not necessarily based solely on results, but also future potential.

Presentation – able to ensure continued professionalism and be well-groomed at all times, both on and off the track.

Dedication and Commitment – ability to achieve their goals.

Under 25 years of age – at time of application.

Attitude and sociability – on and off the track.

Non factory-contracted – or non factory-backed satellite rider at time of application.

Assessment Panel: Consists of representatives from the Bancell Family, Motorcycle Industry, Motorcycle Media and Motorcycling Australia.