News 25 Apr 2009


Stiggy Motorsports Honda press release:

Only four a laps into the opening practice session in Assen today, Stiggy Racing Honda rider John Hopkins high-sided off his bike and sustained serious injuries. The session was red-flagged while John Hopkins was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a dislocated left hip. He will return to the USA to undergo further treatment. A blow in the face for the Stiggy Racing Team and their new arrival, who made his second appearance for the team in Assen this weekend.

John Hopkins:
” It looks like I am continuing my bad luck here in Assen two years in a row. I didn’t even get five laps under my belt this time. I had a huge high-side and landed feet first, which dislocated my hip and cracked the top of my femur. For about three hours, until they placed me in the operating room and put my hip back into place, I was in the most excruciating pain I have ever been in my life.

“I was really motivated to race here this weekend and initially I felt really good from the moment I jumped on the bike, but this is just bad luck. Now I will just have to recuperate. I will fly home tomorrow night and will have surgery monday morning if necessary. The biggest problem will be the muscles. All the ligaments and muscles around the femur are torn, which is a lot worse then actual broken bones. If there was no muscle damage, I would be back racing in two weeks, now we will have to wait for the proper evaluation.”

Johan Stigefelt, Team manager:
“What a start of the weekend! I Really regret what happened to John this morning. We were looking forward to seeing him race this weekend, but unfortunately, this is racing and we are unable to predict these situations. John hurt himself badly, and will need further examination in the US. Hopefully he will recover soon and be able to ride for us again.”