News 9 Apr 2009


Pramac Racing press release:

After a long winter break rich of news and changes, the MotoGP World Championship is back on track for the first Grand Prix of the 2009 season in Doha, Qatar. The Pramac Racing Team, after renovating its structure between the end of the past season and the winter break, is ready more than ever for this challenging year at full speed. The new red and white riders are in fact two of the three rookies of the year: Finnish rider Mika Kallio, who has concluded in third position the past season in the quarter liter class, and Italian Niccolò Canepa, the youngest rider in MotoGP of the season who still has to turn 21. Two young riders eager to show their potential and that for sure will never even think about giving up.

Paolo Campinoti – Team Principal Pramac Racing

“Finally! This hasn’t only been one of the hardest winter breaks for our sport, but it has been one of the longest. After all the talk over the winter, we can now get back to track action. It has been a constructive period for all of us, we have united our strength to improve our world and soon we will receive the benefits. Our team has worked very well during winter testing and the proof is the good sixth position conquered by Mika Kallio during the only important hour in Jerez official test. In addition in Qatar we will have a small advantage: we will have more energy than all the others because this marvellous circuit will be under floodlights also thanks to 44 Pramac generators. Jokes apart, we are really happy and trustful in the choices we made, Niccolò and Mika want to do really well and this is energizing the Pramac Racing Team for the long season that is about to start.”

Mika Kallio – Pramac Racing rider

“Now we can start to be serious. Of course we didn’t play around this winter, actually we have done a lot and well, but the race, the true competition is all a different story. Our last performance in Jerez official test have been really satisfying for us, but we have to keep our feet on the ground, in Qatar everyone will be eager to begin in the best way the season. Losail is a track that I like and surely we can have a lot of fun. My first race in MotoGP is about to begin: many sensations are going thru my head, but surely no fear.”

Niccolò Canepa – Pramac Racing rider

“I am so happy to be at the first race, my MotoGP adventure is about to begin. I can’t wait to step on my Ducati Friday afternoon. I had a really intense winter; I worked hard on and off track to be at the best. I am ready! I will only need a bit of time to get used to racing shoulder to shoulder again because it has been basically more than a year that I don’t properly compete in a race. I like the layout of Losail circuit, we have done quite well during the last test and I hope to be able to even improve.”