News 18 Mar 2009

Honda Dollars Introduced

"Honda Dollars" campaign implemented for customers who purchase selected entry level and commuter bikes.

Honda press release:

Market research is showing that the entry level and commuter market will continue to perform strongly this year, regardless of other downward trends.

The reason is obvious. People want a reliable, economical means of transport during these tough times.

To broaden the options available to new motorcyclists, Honda is introducing “Honda Dollars” on a wide range of smaller capacity machines.

Between 18th March and 30th June 2009, customers will receive $300 Honda Dollars with purchase of a VTR250, CBR125 or CBF250; $750 with a CB400 (standard or ABS version) or VT400; and $250 on the full range of scooters including the Today50, Lead100, SH150i, SH300i, Scoopy, NSS250 Forza and Silver Wing. The offer is valid on all year models.

With Honda Dollars, customers can spend their credit in a variety of ways within the dealership they purchased from. This can be used for purchase of accessories, servicing or simply as a discount off the bike, and with finance deals starting at just $1.79 a day, owning your own Honda is more affordable than ever.

Whether it’s the convenient, zippy ease of the Honda’s small to maxi scooters, the down-low chrome finish of the new VT400 cruiser, the naked grunt and performance of the CB400 or the race inspired CBR125, Honda’s range of entry level bikes offer something for everyone, regardless of size, riding experience or style preference.

For bike specifications, please visit:
Dealer Locator, Ph: 1 300 1 HONDA