News 13 Jan 2009

General: 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 Launches at Eastern Creek

Yamaha is conducting its worldwide R1 media launch at Eastern Creek this week.

Yamaha launched its big-bang R1 at the Creek this week

Yamaha launched its big-bang R1 at the Creek this week

Yamaha’s hotly anticipated 2009 model YZF-R1 is undergoing its worldwide media launch at Eastern Creek this week, with international journalists sampling the awesome new machine before the Australians take to the track next week.

Early reports from the circuit are that the package is exceptional, with a solid chassis matched by the revolutionary engine that features a crossplane crankshaft. Crossplane technology, first pioneered in MotoGP racing with the YZR-M1, puts each connecting rod 90° from the next, with an uneven firing interval of 270°-180°-90°-180°.

In short, it’s expected that the new R1’s engine has the low-rpm torque of a twin-cylinder, while also featuring the high-rpm power of an inline four-cylinder. We shall see when we test the bike right here on Moto Online.

The new R1 also features D-MODE (drive mode), which is similar to Suzuki’s concept of allowing the rider a couple of options in the power curve by changing the fuel map by the flick of a switch on the handlebar.

It’s said that the D-MODE on the R1 is very aggressive in A mode, while the Standard (we are guessing you’d call it B?) mode is the most user friendly for track day riders and road use. The C mode isn’t down to 600 power, although it is slightly less powerful, but more usable, than Standard.

These are just a few features on the bike, set to be one of the favourites in worldwide magazine comparisons this year.