About MotoOnline.com.au

MotoOnline.com.au was founded and introduced by Alex Gobert at the beginning of 2009. Since then it has risen to become the ultimate source in all things Australian dirt bikes, including unmatched coverage of Australian Motocross and Supercross. Apart from the world class race coverage, MotoOnline.com.au features in-depth bike tests, interviews, photography, films, columns and more.

The Team:

Alex Gobert – Founder/Editor
Former racer Alex Gobert introduced MotoOnline in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. With contacts worldwide, Gobert works day and night with world class contributors to provide the best website in the sport on a domestic level.

Simon Makker – Motocross/FMX contributor/photographer
Simon Makker is a renowned motocross identity in Australia and has rated an integral part of MotoOnline since 2012. With skills in both photography and writing, Makker’s content is vital for the site’s growth.

Steve Matthes – US contributor
A Canadian living the dream in America, Steve Matthes needs little introduction to motocross fans. Matthes has a unique ability to report on facts with a light-hearted outlook on the sport, which makes him a fan-favourite. He runs www.pulpmx.com and www.promototalk.com.

Simon Cudby – US photographer
Simon Cudby is one of the world’s top motocross and supercross photographers, based out of Southern California. The majority of our AMA images are shot by Cudby, giving us a great look at the pinnacle of the sport.