News 12 Nov 2017

Evans and Tanti injured in AUS-X Open heat race collision

Yamaha duo currently recovering in hospital with multiple injuries.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Serco Yamaha’s Mitch Evans and Bulk Nutrients WBR Yamaha’s Aaron Tanti have both been seriously injured after colliding in the second SX2 heat race at last night’s Monster Energy AUS-X Open in Sydney.

The pair were challenging for a podium position when they crossed paths throughout the rhythm lane, which ultimately saw Evans land on top of Tanti during the opening laps.

They were both immediately attended to by the Racesafe medical crew, before being carted off the circuit. Evans’ revealed this morning that he’s suffered multiple vertebra fractures in his lower back, while also sustaining two fractures to his pelvic bone.

“[I] had an unfortunate crash last night at AUS-X Open,” said Evans in a statement on social media. “[I] got scans last night, which show I have fractures in my L2, L3 and L4 vertebras, and two fractures in my pelvis.

“[I’m] wishing Aaron Tanti a speedy recovery who involved in the crash with me. A big thank you to the Racesafe team for taking good care of me at the track and thank you to you all who messaged me.”

As for Tanti, his team has confirmed he’s in good spirits and responding well after suffering a severe concussion, along with two broken hips and damage to his shoulder.


  • Simon Hutchison

    To be honest the Racesafe crew weren’t that good at all. The first thing they did to Tanti was take his helmet off while he was concussed on the ground with no consideration to a possible spinal injury. It left me wondering if they have any medical or first aid training at all. If either of those boys were my sons I would be ready wanting a word with those that handled the matter. The race should have been red flagged but was allowed to continue while these guys were severely injured. The people that pay to watch these guys wanted to know how they were going too and not one update on their condition was given. I know for a fact there were several people there that were quite distressed after witnessing the collision and were left wondering the whole night if they were ok.

  • Kym

    Not to mention the tuff blocks were cardboard boxes for the third year in a row. Its 2017 how is this not a safety issue. Hope both lads recover. Was definitely a huge hit

  • Gemma Shorters

    I totally agree with you Simon I can not believe they did not stop the race and that nothing was mentioned through out the evening :(

  • Hayden Wright

    100% Agree with you Simon, I was very surprised at the apparent lack of care taken from the race safe crew. The race should have been immediately red flagged.