Product Centre 15 Feb 2017

Review: 2017 Alpinestars Techstar Factory gear set wears the latest from Alpinestars.

Are you looking to start 2017 looking and feeling fresh? Are you in that same old situation where you just can’t choose your favourite set of gear amongst the vast range of products available? Well, maybe this latest Review from might just help you make that decision! Let’s take a closer look at the 2017 Techstar Factory gear set from Alpinestars.

Firstly, everyone will admit their initial requirement of a set of gear is that the colour has to be visually pleasing – we all want to look cool. Fortunately for you, the 2017 Techstar Factory line in the black/teal/fluro colourway looks rad. It’s quite a fresh combination of colours and the overall design of the jersey and pant looks clean and crisp – definitely a winner in the looks department this stuff.

Next up, how exactly does the gear feel and perform? For us, we’ve had a tonne of hot weather in New South Wales so this gear has only been tested in warm conditions to date. Thankfully though, the jersey features an extremely lightweight, vented polyfabric main chassis construction for not only moisture-wicking, but a performance fit too.

Image: Alex Gobert (Foremost Media).

Using perforated mesh inserts around the collar, side torso and forearms, the design and construction ensures excellent breathability throughout. The jersey performs quite well in some of the warmest conditions I have personally ridden in to date. It’s not only a top performer in the heat, but it also takes a win in the fit and comfort department.

As I said, the jersey is created using an extremely lightweight, vented polyfabric main chassis, this means the Techstar Factory jersey is super comfortable. Featuring a raglan construction with pre-curved sleeves and a seamless collar and cuffs, the jersey offers maximum comfort and feels very light on the body. It’s not too baggy either, it’s right there in the middle, a fit that most riders will enjoy.

To compliment the 2017 Alpinestars Techstar Factory jersey, we’ve obviously been provided with the pant to match. Much like the jersey, the pant is packed with features and also looks the part on track. Using a multi-panel, poly-fabric construction, the Techstar Factory pant is built to stand up to the rigors of motocross racing.

To ensure you stay cool on track, the pant features perforation zones to allow for airflow on those warm days. Using strategically positioned four-way stretch panels and the exclusive, patented ‘Vector’ back panel, maximum comfort and flexibility is achieved on track. And that’s not all there’s a whole lot more that comes into the comfort and fitment side of these pants.

Source: Supplied.

One of the most unique and noticeable aspects of the Alpinestars Techstar Factory pant is the patented ‘Babel’ knee design. This design features a pre-bent, reinforced and padded 3D knee construction with hidden stretch spandex expansion gusset for an improved fit and riding position. It’s an awesome design and it really does allow added freedom on the motorcycle, such a great design by Alpinestars.

The pant also features leather panels on the inner leg for heat resistance and grip, silicon webbing on the inner waist to help keep the pant in position and a durable waist adjustment system with pull-tabs for a personalised fit. This system allows riders to tailor the pant to their exact sizing, it’s a great feature and something I find very useful at all times.

Did I also mention the pant features a rad little inner hip pocket for storage? Alpinestars are not the first to offer this, but I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is an awesome feature! Not so much for the racer, but if you’re a weekend rider hitting up your local sand track or bush trails, it’s so handy to be able to throw your car key in your pocket.

Overall the 2017 Alpinestars Techstar Factory gear set has been thoroughly impressive. In the looks department the guys at Alpinestars always come through with the goods, and the performance is right up there with the best also. The 2017 Alpinestars Techstar Factory gear set is now available nationwide at your local Alpinestars dealer for a recommended retail price of $69.95 for the jersey and $229.95 for the pant. For more information on Alpinestars products in Australia, head to